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Ups and Downs.  A very common phrase.  People use the term "ups and downs" to describe pretty much anything.  Whether discussing their day-to-day life, personal or professional, or describing their favorite sports team, things are up and down.  As the 2017 Golf Season is upon us, I have been looking for the best way to describe the "lead up" to the month of May.  Was it a cliche of "Spring on down to Orchard Valley" that will catch someone's eye?  Do I use some kind of line telling guests that a day at Orchard Valley is "Par for the course"?  Or, do I get realistic.  Ups-and-downs.

The Golf Season, in the Chicago-land area, historically runs from May to October.  A neat, and tidy, 6 months that provides a large group of people a lot of fun.  However, this year was much different.  The Ups-and-Downs of the weather, going as far back as February, provided a definite change to the norm.  From 75 degrees on February 20 to 49 degrees May 2, the ups and downs made this season a much different animal.  The best thing to come out of the ups and downs is the warmth made it possible for so many more people to get their golf clubs out of the winter storage and get on the course.  There are many hardcore, passionate players that will put on 15 layers of clothes and play in 30 degree weather.  These folks are the exception.  
The game of golf, maybe more than any other leisure activity, has a huge amount of ups and downs.  The high of the first Birdie putt of the season can be instantly met with the low of a slice off of the next tee.  However, all of us keep looking for that feeling when we hit the great tee shot, chip within 15 feet and putt for the Birdie.  Even if that happens once a month, it keeps us going.  

Whether the temperature for the day or the score on the card after 9, the ups and downs of everything that comes with a day of golf are what keeps us going.  As we move deeper in to the 2017 Golf Season keep working towards those "ups".  The "downs" will come, but as long as they are coming on the golf course, they are a part of a great day!